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Emotional responsibility in the online dating world

Love doesn’t make the world go ‘round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile - Shannon L. Alder

Dating always puts you in a vulnerable situation: no one can say that opening up and creating intimacy with another person is an easy task. When it comes to online dating a lot of people find themselves with even bigger issues, such as ghosting or dehumanization. If there is something our Toast community understands, is that it is in our hands to minimize the complications of the online dating world.

Since Toast begins with a video call the process of dating is transformed from the starting point. Being able to see the other person and interacting in a more realistic way humanizes the online dating scenario. There is so much of communication that is lost through texts, but not here and not anymore! The humanization of both profiles is just the first step of a key element that has to be implemented when you are meeting people, also online: emotional responsibility. We have created the image below so that you can visualize some of the key elements of this concept!

There is not a magical tool to achieve emotional responsibility, but communication is key. The world is not fill with people who read your mind like Edward Cullen did in Twilight, the other person can’t know how things affect you if you do not communicate. And that is true for good and bad things in the online dating world: tell them when you appreciate a message they send you, ask them when you are not sure about what they meant, let them know how something made you feel. And try to approach conversations from a place of empathy and understanding.

Toasties: dating may be scary, but it can -and should- be fun. How about being the examples of the dating world we want to see? Let’s change it: Let’s Toast!

Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships by Joanne Davila


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